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Get in, close the Lepbar and forget everyday life!

Welcome to the official website of „Achterbahn im Kopf“ (Mind full of Rollercoasters). Walk with us through the most diverse ones amusement and theme parks in Europe and take a break from everyday life.



In various formats such as the Park Diary, my first time and inside the park, I sometimes stand in front of the camera to take you with me through my exciting day through the parks.



Everything that happens behind the camera is my thing. Whether on- or off-ride, video blog or cinematic recordings. When I'm not filming, I'm probably already on the roller coaster.


Professor Helix

Meow cocoa! I'm Professor Helix the Big Boss.

When I'm not watching animal documentaries, I check out Ride Review. Favorite attraction MAUS AU CHOCOLAT. 

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I also stand behind the camera and like to take pictures.  I'm always up for a spontaneous trip to an amusement park. Away from the amusement park world, I'm involved in motorsport.

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blaue Wand

Our video formats

We always want to deliver new video content and offer you a variety of different formats. To give you a brief overview of our formats, we have listed them for you below.

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In our "on the ride" format, you take part in the next exciting ride from the passenger perspective.

Here is anything but sleeping. We give you an insight into the fantastic overnight accommodations, directly at or in the amusement park.


The name says it all with this format. We go on a discovery tour with amusement park newcomers. Charmingly and fun packed.


Ready, steady go...

Here you are not only in the attraction, but see it from a completely new perspective. With a trendy sound, of course.

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Cinematically captured insights are just the thing for the next off-season to revive emotions.


In our video blog format, you can travel with us to a wide variety of parks and follow our direct emotions. As if you were there live!

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Fast forward a little and experience a tour of the amusement parks in our hyperlapse format.


Almost like a Quiz-Show on TV only on the roller coaster and without the big prizes!

Social Media

In our newest format "sometimes different" we don't visit amusement parks or the hustle and bustle, but also devote ourselves to other excursion destinations.

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